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The #1 Table Game Around The Globe



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It's as easy as...

Gather your favorite friends. 

Take turns rolling the dice. 

Plug in the numbers rolled on the BANK app. 

Hope you roll big!

Avoid rolling those sevens!

It's as simple as that!

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Why Play BANK?

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Here at ThunderHive games, we believe that when it comes to playing games,


BANK is the game that can be played with two friends or twenty!

Everyone has a fair shot at winning and everyone has a blast!


The game is quick.

The game is easy.

The game is intense and yet totally chill.


Why play it?

Because you'll love it. 


What Do We Need To Play?

The simpler, the better, right?

All you need is the BANK App and Dice! How many dice?  

Some play with two TOTAL. Others play with two APIECE.  Some play with DIGITAL DICE!

However you want to play, the game is still the same!

This game can be played around a dining room table,

a picnic table,

on an airplane,

on the beach,

in the car,

on the sidewalk,

in the mountains,

at the lake,


TRUST US! We've tried!

Once you've downloaded the BANK App, you can play anywhere with anyone!

How Do We Play?

Object Of The Game:

To be the player who BANKs the most points by the end of 20 rounds!​


Starting Out:

Insert all players' names into the BANK app PLAYERS screen and choose a Scorekeeper (BANKER) who will manage the BANK Game App.

Each player will need access to two dice for their turn.  Choose between 10, 15, or 20 rounds.  Most play 20.​


Getting the Game Rolling:

The first person rolls both dice at once and calls out what their dice numbers add up to: (i.e. a two on one dice + a three on the other adds up to 5 points)

The BANKER presses that number onto the screen pad. Then, the person next to the first player rolls and does the same thing.



Important Dice Rules:

As each person rolls, the BANKER adds their score to the BANK total to increase the number in the BANK. Rolling a 7 ends a round.  

Rolling "doubles" (the dice land on the same number on both dice) doubles the cumulative score on the BANK screen.​

The first three rollers have an advantage because if they roll a 7 (that would typically end the game), their 7s are worth 70 BANK points.  

However, their disadvantage is that if they roll "doubles," the score added to the BANK is only face value on the dice --

i.e. Two ones = Two points, Two fives = Ten points​

After the first three dice rollers (so starting with the fourth roll/person), rolling a 7 will end a round and rolling "doubles" will double the cumulative score,

which is an advantage to everyone thereafter.



At any point, any player (regardless of whose turn it is) can call out "BANK" which automatically pauses the game.  

The BANKER then clicks on the BANK tile on the app and clicks on the person's name who called out BANK.

The app will then add the score from the BANK cumulative total to that person's personal score.​

There is no limit to how many people BANK the points on the screen. However, once someone has BANKED a score, they will sit out the remainder of that round.  They can no longer roll to increase the number of the BANK score and they can no longer call out BANK during that particular round.​

Each player can only BANK points once per round.

Those who do not call out BANK within a round will not add any BANK scores to their personal BANK accounts at the end of that round.  

The points they have already accumulated from other rounds will remain the same until they BANK more points in another round.​

The cumulative BANK score will continue to increase as players continue to roll in sequence as long as there are still players who have not yet called out BANK and as long as no one has rolled a 7.​


Ending A Round:

Once a 7 is rolled OR all players have BANKed points into their personal accounts, the round will end and another will begin until 10, 15, or 20 rounds are played.

At the beginning of a new round, everyone regains their ability to roll and call out BANK again.​


Ending the Game:

Once the 10, 15, or 20 rounds have been played, the player with the highest number of points in their personal BANK account wins.​​​​ 


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Download The App

...and share it with everyone you know! There's no limit to age or number of players!

Even Granny's going to like it!

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Best Table Game Guaranteed

Voted Best Table Game of 2020 AND 2021 by, well, just us and everyone who has played it!

Take a picture of your family playing it and send it to our instagram using #LovingBankGameApp

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It ain't hard to find 5 friends when this game is around!

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What's next for the BANK app?

So much!! We are currently working on some fun, exciting upgrades including new sounds, stat pages, and other delightful surprises!

Stay tuned!

What if I don't have the internet? Can I still use the app?

Yes! Once you have downloaded the app, you don't need the internet.  In the near future one of our upgrades will require a server, but it won't be a requirement to play the basic game!

Do you have tips for Game Night?


#1. Have BANK downloaded and dice ready to go!

#2. SNACKS! Always snacks!

#3. Cast your BANK app screen to a nearby TV for easier access to the scoreboard for all players!

#4. Invite new friends every weekend! The more the merrier!

What's the best way to keep things organized?

We have a few house rules when we play that seem to help!

* The BANKER sometimes doesn't roll.  They just keep the scoreboard organized.  But the BANKER can totally play if they want! 

*We always say that the ONLY person who can call out the number on the dice is the person who rolled them.  No one else.

*We also say that anyone who says the word BANK at ANYTIME (even if on accident) automatically has to BANK the score at that time and sit out the rest of the round.  That way people aren't yelling out BANK and confusing the BANKER.

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